A global movement,uplifting,empowering and encouraging women to fullfill their God given destiny.We are a generation of significant women doing life together.

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Children Ministry :

We provide a caring environment where we nurture the kids spiritually.We help them understand the word of God at an early stage, Ages from 2yrs to 12yrs.

Youth ministry :

Transformers youth ministry meet every Friday where we create a vibrant fun environment where they can grow spiritually.We encourage them to use their talents in a appealing way like dancing ,singing,drama.We also tackle issues loke peer pressure,drug and alcohol abuse.A youth councilor is available if needed.


Welfare Department:

We reach out to communities in and around our area.We are running a soup kitchen from church for about 80 people.We also do social relief outreaches where we distribute food parcels and clothes to shelters and less privileged communities.