Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we have answered.

1. Who will be teaching on Bible School?

ANSWER: Lecturers that are approved by the Trans-world Accrediting
Commission International (TACI) Guidelines, and meet the requirements of the
Bible School Charter, and as approved by the Principal.

2. What age do I have to be to enroll on FIRST Year Bible School?

Between 18 years – 25 years old A minimum of Standard 8 equivalent to
Grade 10 or 18 years old, a Matric certificate

3. What is “accreditation” and why is it important?

ANSWER: All students successfully completing all requirements and graduating
from each year of CFCI BS will receive either a certificate, diploma and/or
ministry degree, recognized at any CFCI worldwide. The successful student will,
in addition, receive accreditation from any churches affiliated with Christian
Family Church International. The Trans-World Accreditation Commission
International (TACI) has accredited institutions around the world. For more
information, visit the TACI website.

4. What type of bachelors/ degree will I have when I finish the three years of Bible School?

ANSWER: You will be able to graduate with a B. Min degree in other words a
Bachelors in Ministry Degree


5. What type of work will I be able to do once I have my degree?

ANSWER: You will be well equipped to fulfill your own ministry, possessing and
in depth base of Biblical knowledge, more extensive ministry exposure and
experience, leadership principles, church management, church administration
and church financial management The Bible School is designed to equip people
for ministry and raise sons.